EARTH’S RICH MUD | Body Wash Mini-Bars

3 g (12 pcs)


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The Earth’s Rich Mud travel-size body bar comes in a tube that contains 12 mini bars each, perfect for single use.
Thanks to the handy size, you can easily take as many tablets as you need and you no longer have to worry about liquid rules and leaking bottles.


Animal friendly
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The Detoxing Active Charcoal Body Wash Mini Bars are packed with natural, powerful, and active ingredients to make your skin look and feel amazing all day, every day.
This new soap-free solid mini bars use the power of charcoal as it removes toxins and impurities from the skin to make stubborn acne breakouts a thing of the past. Active charcoal also absorbs toxins, impurities and harmful substances of the skin leaving it cleaner and healthier. This component is ideal for fatty skins or prone to acne, as it absorbs excess sebum and grease. It is also a great natural exfoliator.