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Our shampoos are made to save the ocean

Join the waste free movement with our innovative plastic-free solid shampoos! 

This excellent ecological development brings beauty to your hair without renouncing the benefits of the liquid shampoo. 

What are your advantages? 

  • Our solid bars are hand pressed in Spain 
  • Usually, foam or lather is created when foaming agents in soaps, detergents and shampoos mix with air and water. The most common foaming agents used in personal care are chemicals sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (sometimes referred to as sodium dodecyl sulfate or SLS) and coco-glucoside. Our foam is naturally produced by the chemical reaction of our natural ingredients
  • Totally respectful with the environment – no plastic and no chemical to harm the ocean. 
  • 100% plastic reduction in your packaging CO2 reduction in its transport. 
  • 100% recyclable packaging. 
  • Very practical to use and transport: They can be carried on the plane and are not needed to go into the hall luggage (hand luggage will do). 
  • Our solid shampoo have an excellent value for money as the usage is XXX more than a typical liquid shampoo of 250 ml.

Our candles – vegan and toxic-free

Tipical candle houses, even the most luxurious ones can be damaging for your health.  Health risks come from:

  • Paraffin wax used  (a petroleum waste product that is chemically bleached), which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene -both are known carcinogens when burned)
  • Lead-core wicks (A candle with a lead-core wick releases five times the amount of lead considered hazardous for children and exceeds EPA pollution standards for outdoor air. You don’t even need to light the candle to be exposed to chemicals, simple evaporation from an uncovered candle can release pollutants into the air and touching a candle can cause absorption of chemicals through the skin.) 
  • Synthetic fragrance (As candles burn, these synthetic odours are released into the air where they may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Once they enter the bloodstream, they can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms in some people and have been found to alter hormone levels.

Our handmade candles and range of products are the result of combining the best raw materials such as: soya wax, cotton wick and the most natural, yet distinctive fragrances: 

  • We use toxic free fragrance ingredients  
  • Our waxes of plant origin – we believe bees deserve just as much respect as the other animals but also your lungs deserve better too 
  • We use  100% cotton wicks – most candles in the market use lead wicks or synthetic cotton – real cotton wicks does not release the any toxic chemicals
  • We use only recyclable glass containers for our candles

Handmade Recycling of our candle products – All the residues of raw material generated in our factory are recycled following our artisanal methods, being used for the generation of heat for our boilers

Considerate packaging

All of our eco-friendly cartons are FSC certified, made with paperboard from responsibly managed forests. 100% of our packaging by weight is recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled or recoverable.

Carboard is the packaging materials with the least environmental impact. Its manufacture means a reduction of up to 60% in CO2 and oil emissions compared to other materials. Furthermore, recycling cardboard allows us to save energy and water : 90% less water and 50% less electricity are needed to make them.

Cardboard is considered to be 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Corrugated cardboard degrades completely within a maximum period of one year. As it is basically cellulose, its decomposition time is scarce and if it is exposed to favourable weather conditions, i.e. it is in a humid environment, this degradation accelerates even more. To use a label on the biodegradability claim a specific study needs to be commissioned. There are no official recyclability certifications that we know of, so that can be safely claimed.

Cardboard Packaging minimizes waste generation, because it is so easily recyclable and effectively widely recycled in all European countries, unlike other packaging materials that are often burnt or sent to landfills in Europe or abroad, if they cannot be properly sorted.

Free of chemicals

We don’t use parabens, silicones, salt, phthalates, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), palm oil, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, diethanolamine (DEA), polyethylene beads & or any animal ingredients ( DO NOT USE honey or beeswax).

Our formulas are 100% Vegan. 

Waste management

Our factories carry out responsible management of the waste generated in the production processes such as plastic and perfume residues in a responsible way, in this way we avoid the emission of harmful substances.

Our sustainable promise

We strive for the minimal footprint and always implement the latest practices for more sustainability and eco friendly practices. So we are never done. We strive to achieve zero-industrial waste-to-landfill for all global manufacturing and distribution sites.