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How PAZ began 

We decided to create guilt-free, sustainable, luxurious, natural self-care products.

PAZ began from this clear gap we saw in the market. The need for clean products worldwide was expressed by people worldwide in various forms, but many companies could not commit to the new values of their consumers.  So this is where we came in – everything started with a dream. What if we can build a few products, with outmost care for ourselves and the planet? What if we find the most sustainable packaging that we can? What if we get involved in the delivery process as well and really choose the greenest methods there.

A big step forward 

Based on our knowledge, we just dropped what we were doing and we started digging up the options you can have to start a line from scratch that uses the most sustainable, clean, green, fair trade and vegan practices from the ingredients we use, to the method of creation down to the last detail in the packaging.

From the beginning, we set out to create a natural, multi-use beauty, wellness and care product line that is packed with simple, yet powerful, natural, vegan and organic ingredients.

We wanted to address the genuine urban life and all genders – we wanted to create simple, easy-to-use, on-the-go products for the busy city life. We celebrate the ones who adventure, who try new things, who want to save the world while being true rockstars at what they do. This is how PAZ was born.

Misconceptions about natural, green, raw or cruelty-free

We has a clear steer away from plastic, beeswax, and other harmful ingredients. Consumers are not aware that estimated more than 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles get trashed every year. Few are recycled. Many end up in the oceans.

Also, honey and beeswax are rampantly present in cosmetics often labelled as ‘natural’. It’s important to remember that vegan cosmetics not only do not test on animals, but also do not include animal products in their ingredients. Only if no animal was part of the process you can be certain that (the production of) your makeup collection is indeed cruelty-free.

Beeswax for candles – yes, some may not know but – it does burn clean, and is non-toxic however, because of the harvesting and damage done to the bees and their hive it is not cruelty free, ethical or sustainable.

We care about the people and the planet

We address the strong movement of people mobilizing in the world that are starting to make a difference and challenging the status quo – choosing free animal testing products, vegan, to even collecting trash in the nature and in the ocean.

We are passionately dedicated to creating high-quality beauty products with the cleanest ingredients; we are continuously inspired by the latest sustainable practices, we always look for the most sustainable option, harvesting the most potency from plants and nature’s generosity. But most importantly, we care about people: we care about our consumers to get the best products, honest and guilt-free. We care about the people helping us create these amazing products – to be treated fairly and with respect. We care about our team to feel heard and welcome any new ideas that can help us carve even more innovation into our products.