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The origin of our brand name, PAZ, is from the word “peace” in Spanish. What we mean by peace is inner calm, no matter where you are – either in a desert oasis, next to the calming sea, or in the middle of the bustling city. It’s the possibility to be in the present moment and really see yourself as you are and take care of yourself no matter the circumstances. Give yourself the chance to recharge and start again the next day. 

We believe that our outer beauty is a reflection of our inner well-being. That is why we gave the out most care for the ingredients we used in each of our products, to be not only healthy but of the highest quality.

We address all genders, all skin or hair types. We will always champion for courageous, authentic living. Through our brand, we empower the authentic and diverse layers of self-expression. We are on a mission to cultivate a conscious and mindful community. 

We do not belong to any traditional stereotypes. We are true to ourselves. We are the people of contrasts. We are earth-conscious and yet love a bustling city. We have a longing for nature but we also make the urban our playground.

We are PAZ.